One of “those” rides – the sequel!

7 May

I’ve been holding back writing this ride report…I think in part because I don’t enjoy re-living the horror!

It was a dark and stormy day and the wind was howling like a pack of wolves…not! It was a beautiful spring day that was calm and zen-like, until I started tacking up Amber. I put her in the aisle on x-ties and started grooming her and all was going well, when all of a sudden she took a notion to back up in a panic to the end of the x-ties, and then have a complete meltdown in the aisle, yanking the x-ties down and scaring herself silly! TB and a boarder were around and heard the commotion and asked what happened…didn’t even know what to say, I was shocked! I wasn’t even touching her at the time (so it’s not like I hit a sore spot while grooming), it literally seemed to have come out of the blue. We calmed Amber down and TB declared, “no more x-ties for Amber!” As we were talking about it, I then found out that there used to be a girl who rode Amber there who was asked not to come back, I’m not clear on why, but there was an “incident” that was eluded to and apparently since then, Amber has occasionally freaked on x-ties! I felt really bad because had I known this, maybe I could have prevented it. I was never told not to x-tie her, and the first time I rode her, TB was with me when I tacked her up and we had her on x-ties. The positive – Amber doesn’t need x-ties to stand like an angel – Corona could learn from her!

Putting on the bridle was another cause for concern. I guess she was still a bit panicky over the x-ties, that when I put the reins over her head, she started to get on edge again and started backing up. I decided to take the reins back over her head so that was nothing to restrict her (it was like she was claustrophobic) and then of course I couldn’t get them back over her head without her getting antsy. A solid 15 minutes later with lots of calm praise and slow movements, and I had the bridle on her and she was relaxed.

Oh wait, I forgot the other incident…while I was tacking her up, the boarder put her young green mare in the (other set) of x-ties in the aisle. I needed to get past to get to the tack room so I talked to the horse, put my hand on her as I went by and just as I was at her hip, she kicked out at me!!!! It missed me by an inch, and it wasn’t a little cow kick, it was a full on karate kid kick. I stopped dead in my tracks, looked at the owner who saw the whole thing and all I could say was, “is she better on the other side?”

Back to Amber…got on her no problem, we started riding with the boarder and her horse-that-hates-me. I was warming Amber up with lots of walking patterns and then TB comes in to watch us. ***Spoiler Alert It turned into the most horrific ride yet and I just wanted to crawl under a rock. ***

Amber was agitated and nervous in general, looking back, it’s safe to say that I was probably nervous too. TB wanted me to try cantering Amber because she has a wonderful “lope-like” canter. I haven’t been cantering her because a) I wanted to build a solid relaxed/calm state of walk/trot before moving on to canter and right now, it’s not consistent enough for my liking and b) I also haven’t been too certain how to best ask her to canter because of her funny issues with leg (i.e.: that if you use leg, she kicks) so I wanted to wait until TB was there to watch. I guess this was the day. I asked whether I should adjust my normal “ask” to accommodate Amber’s leg issues, and TB said no….so I asked…we took off around the arena full tilt with lots of kicks and bucks thrown in for good measure. Of course, boarder and horse-that-hates-me were standing in the middle of the arena watching this unfold (thank god they saw where this was headed and quit for the day). As this was happening, all I could call out was, “is she better in half-seat???!!!” Nope. We came back to walk and tried again. Nope. Tried the other direction. Nope. You know it’s not going well when all that’s said is, “well, you’re going to have a really strong seat by the end of this!” and, “Turn her nose to your toe!! More!!! More!!!”

It finally ended…I got some nice trots after the “canter” and called it quits. The kicker was when TB said, “maybe you should ride Quinn next time so that you can get your confidence back.”




2 Responses to “One of “those” rides – the sequel!”

  1. maddinaish May 7, 2013 at 1:57 pm #

    Nightmare! Know just how you feel though!

  2. magreenlee May 8, 2013 at 6:31 am #

    Well done for staying on…

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