Sitting on a rocket

9 Apr

I’m pretty sure that Corona could win the Kentucky Derby if given the chance. This is quite the statement, but this horse is fast! I secretly wish I could rename him, “Rocket”, it suits him so well in so many different ways.

Saturday was a very fun ride – it was the first time I’ve really been able to let him actually work for any period of time without having to worry about the footing or about him acting up because other horses were around (I’ve mentioned that it’s the season of the Spring Sillies, for some reason these sillies are more pronounced when others are riding). It was a beautiful sunny day, 85% of the snow was melted, 95% of the puddles (lakes, really) had been absorbed back into the ground, and I was the only person riding. With Corona having been off for so long over the winter, we have only been doing small bouts of trotting, and I haven’t even tried cantering. Don’t get me wrong, we have cantered, but it wasn’t me who asked for it (Spring Sillies). Saturday graciously allowed us to do a few laps of trot around the track which I quickly realized was a bad idea – Corona looked more like a giraffe than a horse, and I looked more like…well, I’m not sure what I looked like, but I know it wasn’t pretty. Clearly the thought of a track was more than a Spring-Sillified-horse-just-getting-back-into-work could handle, so luckily his human had the brilliant idea of riding around the outside of the riding ring instead. To be honest, this only occurred to me after embarked down the longside of the track at a nice relaxed canter…canterallop…cangallop…full speed gallop with a nice airy buck thrown in for good measure. The rocket had launched!

Around the outside of the track, Corona relaxed and felt amazing once the initial, “oh my god, you’re really letting me TROT?!?” phase was complete. We did lots of transitions and flexion exercises and I made sure he was relaxed before asking him to change what he was doing. I even dared to ask for a few more short canters and he was brilliant. We had a fantastic ride and we both really enjoyed it. I think it’s safe to say that there are going to be a few more rocket launches in the cards before the Spring Sillies leave us, but realistically I can’t hold that against him.

We have a goal of attending our first schooling show on May 12, I wonder what the chances are of having the dressage show stewards announce, “and they’re off!” at the beginning of our class?! On second thought, that may not be a good thing…


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