Foster fun!

27 Feb

On Monday night, I went out to meet the woman I wrote about in my last post, hereby known as TB. If you recall, TB is the current foster mom of 10 horses who have been taken from a feedlot in my area. She is working on their manners and training and of course, finding them forever homes.

I was really impressed with TB, she obviously is passionate about horses and also about the cause and is willing to donate her time and resources towards making a difference for these horses. In fact, I was so impressed with everything that she was saying, I think I was grinning from ear-to-ear the entire time I was out there, haha. TB told me that she had received quite a lot of respones from her facebook post and that the majority of responses came from people novice horsepeople, or complete beginners who were really interested in getting involved for the learning opportunity. She also eluded to the fact that she received some responses from people who had taken in one of the rescue horses from the feedlot and have now realized that they’re in over their heads and are looking at this as a learning opportunity. Recognizing that this isn’t exactly what she was anticipating from the responses, she is proposing that she creates an inclusive learning environment for the people and the horses. Basically what she is suggesting is that she puts us into groups so that each group has one experienced person, with some beginners. This will allow her to lead the learning but will also provide her with the support of an experienced person to assist. She also said that for the experienced people, she wanted us to look at this like a lease situation but without the fees – that we can feel free to come and ride when we’re available, just to let her know that we’re coming.

I was introduced to all the horses at the barn, there are probably about 15 in total, including the 10 rescues. Seeing the rescues was very surreal to say the least. I recognized a number of them from the facebook group and it was so sad, but yet inspriring, to know that these horses literally had only days left before they were slaughtered. They were all just gorgeous and incredibly friendly. When TB saw how tall I was (I’m 5’11) she introduced me to Quinn, a large chestnut quarter horse gelding, and mentioned that she thought I’d work well with him. The other great thing about this guy is that she thinks he’d make a good dressage prospect, and she’d like to take him to some shows this summer (provided he’s not sold before then). TB is big into dressage and we had a good conversation on the subject and she was excited that dressage is my interest as well. I think I shocked her a bit when she asked me who my coach was and my response was, “well, I don’t’ really have one…the Boss knows a lot about horses but she does’t coach us so we just do everything on our own.” TB then offered to give me a bit of coaching to assist me in my dressage endeavours!

It was left that TB will look at everyone’s availabilities and put together a bit of a tentative schedule and we’ll just go from there. I really can’t believe how great this sounds. I’m incredibly excited to help these horses move into their new homes, I’m excited to meet other like-minded horse people, and I’m excited for the huge learning opportunity that awaits.

I haven’t said anything to the Boss about this yet, I’m going to wait a little while just to make sure things are working out before mentioning anything. I don’t think she will frown upon it, but I am a bit worried she may feel threatened or put out that I’m exploring this opportunity as well (threatened may be a bit strong of a word..). The other part I’m worried about is mentioning that these horses were pulled from the feedlot because the Boss does send horses that route and does support it as a necessary industry.

All that aside, I’m really excited about this…


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