New barn, ice, and I love my boy!

8 Feb

Saturday was frigid!!!!! It wouldn’t have been bad if there was no wind, but the wind was blowing in such a way that it could only be described as bitterly bone-chilling!

Needless to say, CG and I didn’t ride. Instead, we had a nice spa day (hour) with Corona and Roller. I also practiced picking up all four feet from one side and was successful! Like last week, I’m not asking for Corona’s right front from the left due to the stiffness, but I got all three other feet from BOTH sides! I was thrilled! We also practiced heads down successfully.

After the barn, I went to check out CG’s new hobby farm. It was fantastic! It was bloody freezing so we didn’t spend a great deal of time out there, but it’s a really nice setup. The barn is HUGE! The main level has 6 box stalls which must be about 14×14 ft, it’s very airy and open with really wide aisles. There are four stalls on one side and another two on the opposite side. In the original design there should have been 3 additional stalls on the other side, but the barn was not completed (the previous-previous owner’s husband who built it died before it was finished). There’s no tack room, or feed room, but we’re planning on using one of the extra stalls as the feed room (locked door) and there’s a good spot for a tack room once we get some hooks and racks put up. The floor is just dirt, but CG is getting quotes on rubbing stall mats for the four main stalls and main aisle.

In terms of other buildings, there’s an old barn on the property which has 2 additional small stalls, then there’s a run-in shelter in the main paddock, and what’s going to become the chicken coop as well. There’s one main paddock which has wooden fencing around most, but page-wire only in a couple places, I’m hoping we can block off that page-wire as it’s a recipe for disaster. The other paddock needs some work but is a fairly good size as well. It looks like it was supposed to be 2 paddocks because there’s a portion of a fence in the middle, with a gate, but the plan will be to re-configure this anyway. Right outside the barn, there is a riding area which is apparently a sand ring. It’s not very big, maybe 40mx50m but it’s hard to tell with all the snow. There’s another unused area in front of the barn which we’re brainstorming how best to use as well. Overall – really good potential. My main concern is the safety of the fencing so hopefully we’ll be able to address that as one of the priorities.

The previous owner left the place absolutely filthy. Apparently her horses were given free range of the property, including both barns. The stalls were not bedded, but are absolutely caked in a layer of poop. She must not have cleaned it out….ever! Disgusting. There’s nothing we can do about it at the moment because it’s frozen solid, but there will be quite a bit of spring cleaning to come.

On Sunday, CG and I had plans to ride up the road since we haven’t been able to ride in at least a month due to the weather. Plans changed when I saw how great Corona’s leg looked and decided that I’d rather take him for a walk around the property instead so that he could get some much needed exercise! The Trainer was exercising a couple of the racehorses, and when he was finished he reported that the sides of the track seemed to have fairly good footing, enough to go for a walk anyways. I tacked up Corona and CG got Roller ready. Corona was so excited to get out, he hasn’t been ridden since before we found out about the fracture and the look on his face when I was putting his tack on was awesome.

It. Was. ICY! We got about half way up the long side of the track and called it quits. The horses were slipping around too much for our comfort and we were on the “good” side of the track. Much to Corona’s dismay, we turned around and headed back to the barn. All was well until we got about 30 ft from the barn…Roller decided to take his own path and somehow ended up trying to walk beside the coverall…he started to lose his footing. I was in front, and when I turned around I saw him go down on one knee, but he managed to right himself. I jumped off Corona as CG tried to steady Roller and get him off the icy patch he found. It was to no avail however and next thing I saw was Roller half-collapse / half-voluntarily lie down with CG still on his back. Luckily CG managed to get off without issue and was convinced he had hurt himself and couldn’t get up. I looked at him and it really looked like he just didn’t know what to do. CG was worried but I got her to give him his space, give him a second, and then we started asking him to get up from a distance. Sure enough, up he popped on his own accord. Phew. Roller is a great horse, he’s huge, but he’s very calm and tends to keep a cool head. I’m absolutely certain that when he was down, he was waiting for us to help him out and tell him what he should do. Such a good boy!

I must add here, that throughout this ordeal, Corona was cool as a cucumber…he just looked at his buddy as if to say, “what are you doing down there?” We took them both into the coverall for a couple of walking laps just to make sure all was well and then we went into the barn.

There’s never a dull moment…


4 Responses to “New barn, ice, and I love my boy!”

  1. Desirae February 11, 2013 at 2:16 pm #

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  2. evieastrom February 18, 2013 at 3:15 pm #

    I like your blog so I nominated you for the versatile blogger award 🙂

    • pacesandtails February 21, 2013 at 2:14 pm #

      Wow, thanks! I didn’t think anyone ever read my blog 🙂 Am I now supposed to pass this along like you mentioned in your post?

      • evieastrom February 21, 2013 at 2:57 pm #

        Yeah 🙂 it says 15 but I thought that was a bit to many …I like the concept though 🙂

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