When it’s cold…take some photos to prove it and then get on with it!

1 Feb






It was mighty cold last week, the barn could have been mistaken for an arctic hut!


I didn’t ride as planned, I thought the footing was too icy and I didn’t want Corona to take a bad step and hurt his leg further. Instead I decided to do some more groundwork, building on where we had left off the week before. Keeping in mind that it’s hard to make much progress when you’re only practicing once/week, I thought we did pretty great!  In the coverall, we worked on the friendly game, this week with the string flipping and flapping all over him, he didn’t seem to care. I let it dangle around his legs, he didn’t seem to care. Normally this is where it goes wrong with the string, so I was pretty darn pleased.

We worked on the porcupine game, this game needs work. He’s really good at yielding his hind quarters, but we definitely have not mastered any sort of lateral yield from the shoulder and even a yield backwards from his chest can be a bit challenging at times. It feels like there is something “locked” that is prohibiting this, but I can’t seem to figure out what it is. I googled it a bit this week so we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

The driving game – similar to the porcupine game, we seem to have a “forehand lock”…stay tuned…on a positive note however, our hide-the-hiney is coming along well and we did a full cicle in each direction.

The yo-yo game: pretty good again. Just needs more practice. We seem to have a tendancy to do this well a couple of times and then Corona decides he’s had enough and just doesn’t move and starts to barge over me. I’m not sure whether this is his way of saying, “I did this a few times, I’m over it, let’s move on” or whether it’s just luck that I get it those first few times. I’ll have to experiment a bit more I think.

Now here was the strange part: normally Corona is excellent at the circling game, however on Saturday he wanted nothing to do with it. Each time I backed him up and asked him to circle, he wouldn’t move, then he’d look at my stick and snort at it as if he was spooking at it. This was in both directions too. The first few times he did this, I immediately stopped and did a few minutes of the friendly game with the stick, that wasn’t a problem, he didn’t flinch. When I asked him to circle, he went again with the snorts. This repeated itself a few times so I put the stick on the ground and I proceeded to lead him over it. No problem. Pick up the stick, repeat, same problem. I walked him on a circle with the stick in my hand and then slowly backed away from him so that he began cicling around me, he would take about 3 steps on his own and then boom, snort snort and stop. I experiemented with some strange hybrid of the circling game and leading him and he’d last a few steps but he was bringing his shoulder into me (proof that more practice is requied at yeilding the forehand I guess!) and I also noticed that he was turning his haunches in towards me just an inch or two – not enough that I thought he was going to kick me, but definitely sending me a message that he was not impressed. I alternated this circling hybrid with the other 4 games and made sure to end on a positive note. Still thrown off by the whole thing.

The pièce de résistance however was yet to come! I’ve been wanted to practice lifting all four feet from one side for a few weeks now, but hadn’t really tried it because I wanted to start with the front feet and with Corona’s right leg really swollen, I didn’t want to make him put all of his weight on it, or ask him to flex it as much as he would have to if I was picking it up from the left side. Now that I think about the weight thing, it’s a bit silly because I”ve been picking his feet out normally since the injury without any weight-bearing issues. Anyways, I’m happy to report that I got 2/3 feet! I didn’t try asking for his right front from the left side for the flexibility concerns above. I was so thrilled!!!!!  First, I got the hind right, then I got the front left! I couldn’t figure out the hind left…every time I tried, he would lift the right instead. Regardless, I was so happy, I got the perma-grin!!


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