Top 5 reasons I love Corona

22 Jan

I really just want to be at the barn everyday. I find myself yearning for it more and more everyday. Today’s yearning made me think of the top five reasons I love Corona. In no particular order, here’s what I came up with:

1. His sense of humour: this horse is just funny, a real goofball. Some people hate that about him, but I personally find it endearing…don’t get me wrong, I could do without some of the horse-eating-monster sightings, but overall I find his sense of humour fantastic.

2. His expressive eyes: he has puppy dog eyes and I melt every time I see them.

3. His nickers for food: he sounds like an opera singer at feeding time, it’s a shrill squeal of joy at the thought of getting hay and grain.

4. His joie de vivre for work: I can honestly say that this horse enjoys working. Whether it’s a meander around the track, or a session in the ring, he loves it.

5. His soft side: it’s starting to come out more and more, dropping his head, closing his eyes while I scratch his ears, falling asleep as I braid his mane, cocking a hind leg as he gets groomed, looking at me as if to say “yep, that’s it human!” when I find a good scratchy spot.


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