Xmas blissadventures!

3 Jan

Long time no write! As with several others, the holidays sidetracked this girl into an abyss of chaotic bliss…

I’ve been having some great adventures with Corona over the last few weeks, both good and not-so-good:

1. Gate crashing:

I went to visit the barn on my way to a family xmas party and to give some homemade xmas treats to Corona. He was out in the field at the time and made short work of the treats and peppermints I brought. CG and SM were out at the barn to ride, and CG went into Corona’s field to get Roller out. I was holding the gate for her and as she came out with Roller, Corona decided that there was no way he was staying in the field. He crashed through the gate and ran over to the mares’ field for a little visit. CG and I went over to grab him, but within seconds a couple of the mares were at the gate mingling with him, including a feisty pony named Grace. Grace and Corona go way back, it’s a love-hate relationship. On this day, I suppose it was hate. Grace reared up and knocked the mares’ gate latch off its hook, the gate opened up and in ran Corona. Chaos ensued as all the mares got involved and my silly hotshot Corona was prancing around in their with his tail straight up and loving life…until Grace decided that he wasn’t welcome. SM was out at this point so I ran into the barn to get a bucket of grain to entice my “stud” back to the gate. CG managed to get hold of Grace so that she didn’t kill Corona and after a few minutes Corona came over and happily went back to the boys’ field. Good thing he’s cute. Also of note – at this point, his leg was swollen but didn’t seem to be bothering him whatsoever.

2. My Mongolian trekking pony:

Last week it snowed and snowed and snowed…we probably got about 3 feet of snow in 2 separate blizzards. This made for heavenly winter riding! On boxing day, Corona’s leg was still a bit swollen from the kick, but he wasn’t lame so I decided to take him for a stroll through the snow. Also, the Boss told me it’d be a good idea since it would keep the wound open to drain. Corona was a bit hesitant at first, but with a bit of coaxing, off we went through the snowdrifts. Since the barn is surrounded by fields on two sides, we get a lot of drifting snow, in one area the snow was up to Corona’s chest. I love the feeling of riding a horse in the snow and feeling their exaggerated movements. There was one section that Corona started to blaze a trail through, decided he was over walking, and leaped through the air over the snowdrift. It was hilarious; he then continued along like it was nothing. Looking out over the fields, it was as if we were trekking though Mongolia. We did a couple laps that day and the next.

3. That’s not good:

I arrived at the barn on Saturday, excited for another trekking adventure with Corona, only to find that he wouldn’t move! His leg had doubled in size and he had no intentions of leaving his stall. The Boss and I took a look at it and decided that it would be best if we could coax him out and get him out in the field to walk around and hopefully limber it up. The Trainer was supposed to be coming and would take a look at it when he arrived. Magically when coaxed with treats, Corona decided he would happily go outside, but he was definitely worse for wear than he had been the previous few days. He had finished a “dose” of antibiotics already and the Boss was debating getting him on penicillin if things weren’t clearing up. I say “dose” because I have since learned that it wasn’t a complete dose, they ran out of pills before recommended dosage ended. Things clearly were not getting better, they were getting worse, the Boss left to get penicillin which he’s now getting twice a day.

As of yesterday his leg was looking better, definitely still swollen, but he wasn’t hesitant to walk on it anymore. The vet is going out to take a look today which I’m very happy about. The hard part about leasing a horse is that I don’t really get to make any decisions about the horse’s care. I.e.: don’t turn him out with a horse with back shoes and metal corks! I wanted to get the vet out on Saturday but I was told that it wasn’t necessary because they’d just tell us to put him on penicillin. Maybe so, but at that point it was going on 2 weeks with a swollen leg. I’m anxious to hear what the vet says, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried.



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