A dangerous situation

9 Dec

Yesterday reinforced my desire to leave the barn. It’s a sad reality but once again, the Trainer, who I have severe issues with to begin with, showed his true colours…yet again.

I can hold my tongue until it turns blue sometimes, I’m not a confrontational person and I try to see things from various points of view. There is a point however, when enough is enough, in particular where my/my horse’s/ my friends’ safety and well being is concerned. Yesterday was one of those days.

SM, CG and I had a great ride. It was snowing like crazy with these huge beautiful snowflakes. We took the horses up to the back field and just had a nice ride. When we brought the horses into the barn afterwards, the standardbred farrier was there, along with the Trainer, to fix some of the racehorses’ shoes.

The other girls and I were in the tackroom cleaning our tack when the Trainer comes in to look for the caulks for the shoes. He can’t find them. The Trainer has the shortest temper I’ve ever encountered, it’s actually quite scary when he loses it as he truly does just “snap.” Normally I ignore his episodes because you can’t talk to him when he’s in that state. The girls and I ignored him and left to brush the horses and put their blankets back on before turning them out.

The farrier had a horse in the crossties at the end of the barn where the door is, and the door was closed over. We got our horses ready to be turned out, and so that we would only disturb the farrier once, we waited until all three of us were ready. CG went first, followed by SM, then myself. CG got held up at the door because it was closed and she had to open it, no problem, at this point the three of us were in aisle with our horses. At this same moment, the Trainer comes raging into the barn from the tackroom (which is at the opposite end of the barn as the barn door, ie: behind us) and starts looking for the caulks on the shelves at that end of the barn. He was so angry that he started hurling items off the shelves, throwing shavings bags around, knocking over metal stools, basically launching anything that was in his way, right into the aisle which was about 10 feet behind Corona. All four of the horses that were in the aisle started freaking out at this point and because the door was closed there was nowhere for them to go.

SM and CG got their horses out and then the horse on the cross ties started dancing, prohibiting me from getting by safely. I turned to the Trainer and said, “can you please stop for a sec?” which he basically ignored. I got the farrier to hold the horse on the cross ties and got out with Corona. Various items were still being tossed around with a vengeance at the opposite end of the aisle.

I. Was. Fuming.

I turned Corona out and the other girls and I looked at each other in utter disbelief at what we’d just encountered. It was like it was my turn to snap, my adrenaline was pumping and all I could see was red.

I went back into the barn, out the tackroom door to the mountain of junk that was now all over the floor. It was as if something took over me. I marched right up to that asshole and, in a remarkably calm but firm voice said, “That was really dangerous, someone could have got hurt; you are fucking ridiculous!” at which point I grabbed the rest of my things and left out the barn door. The farrier saw the whole thing happen, and was gobsmacked. I don’t know if the Trainer said anything back to me or not, I didn’t give him the opportunity to do so.

The Boss wasn’t at the barn at the time, so I couldn’t let her know what had just occurred. We received an email from her last night where she told us that the Trainer had called her on her cell and given her a mouthful demanding to know where the caulks were while screaming nonsensical profanities. I feel really bad for the Boss. As I’ve mentioned before, there is a strange dependent relationship between her and the Trainer. I’d like to say that this will be the last straw, but there have been other incidents where I’ve thought the same and things just continue.

I feel good about my actions. Looking back I think I perhaps should have put Corona into a stall, but in the heat of the moment, getting everyone out of there seemed like the best option.

Moments like this make the potential move to a new barn more than mildly appealing! It doesn’t solve the underlying issues about what the Boss will do, but perhaps this will nudge her towards retirement and into a new role as Special Advisor at CG’s barn. I would truly love it if she would do this, she would be able to have all the comfort of horses and could help where she wanted, but she wouldn’t have the physical or financial obligations that she has right now.


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